Ah, when there were sane people walking around!

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I saw this on Instagram a few days ago. Dr. Rogers was the bomb!

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Amen, sistah in Christ, we fight in the first row, no matter cannon fodder, we don´t quit!

Absolutely, beautiful, kudos, my last thumb up, love it!

In 2010, I wrote a legendary book titled USA United Satanic America reflecting its essence, which was censored, restricted, banned.

I just saw a picture of Sunak and Elensky in a helicopter laughing like the best buddies ever, those Nazi SOB POS MTFs!



Let the tribunals begin! Jaws crack, balls drop, drums, or heads, roll!

In the meantime .... https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/wielding-endtime-divine-scythed-2011

Or you can go to Iceland .... why not ? https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/iceland-in-bloom

Or try my hot spa, perhaps? https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/hope-nope-dope-cope

Either way they are to blame ..... https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/monks-or-monkeys-or-mtfs

Not my fault! https://liborsoural.substack.com/p/membership-mandatory-the-enabling


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Well, yes, life, not a word, but a sentence, is a hot Covidiot bloodbath. So, to cool it off a bit, let us have the best Nicaraguan beer on that, Victoria Frost ! Sorry, I don´t drink.

As an anthem of individualism and nonconformity. We are in this mess together, however apart.


Don´t know what to do about it, leave it to Zero !


A funeral ? You also got buried alive ? NO LOL


Ok, I´m a celebrity, get me out of here ! LOL


A few good laughs ....


And now some serious worship !


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