I did it experience a miscarriage, of justice, after trying to get political. They kicked me off my own counsel, and gave me a lawyer with a speech impediment, first amendment I guess....aborted from me.

I guess that was necessary since I am such a dangerous man.

The trans agenda is great for those promoting slavery because they destroy the basic concept of sex, love, and family.

These were considered dangerous to transhumanist global jail , apparently, and easily destroyed in America.

Interestingly they found criminal conviction to be such an useful technique they did it to Trump, fancy that....

Since we don't know what men or women are in America, we don't need to respect the rights of people who are either

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As an EMT, I wonder what he does when he responds to a call where a person is unconscious. Instead of entering the emergency room with “we have a male, approximately in his 40’s, unconscious....”, does he instead say “we have a body of unknown age, nor do we know the sex, because they are unconscious and can’t tell us.....”

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