Sadly, they say nothing because it's more important to "be nice" and not to offend.

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It has been a revelation. So most of these pastors read the Bible, at some point back when, but it was as if they'd read a recipe for beef stew for a banquet, but then in 2020-2022 they went and cooked bug muffins-- the idea being to watch each other chomp them on Zoom. Ha, just the analogy that comes to mind. It really was surreal.

I'm not a member of Calvary Chapel but I sincerely applaud what they are doing and I wish them the very best in their legal battle. Our rights to religious freedom are absolutely essential, as are our rights to free assembly and free speech. May justice prevail. And thank you for sharing this news.

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We know the persecution of Christians began from the very start where they were actually killed for not denying their faith. Modern day Christians were only threatened with being cancelled, fined, jailed and they caved!

That was so heart breaking!

I will absolutely pray for the brave congregation of Calvary Chapel and their Pastor Mike McClure.

The church next to them helping the state persecute them! THAT is indeed vile!

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When I saw Steve Kirsch speak at the church, which I wrote about approximately a year or more ago In a substack piece, the pastor was saying he had to relocate because he could no longer have any livelihood in that area, he didn't use the word but he explained how he'd been cancelled....

At that time he'd said his fines were a million dollars.

He hadn't said they were being spied upon....but given how this sf Bay area went full throttle fascist, still,. To this day, I am not at all surprised

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The opening word of your post deserves a bravo:

"One of the most frustrating elements of being awake to the atrocities of the past three years has been the willful blindness of so many to look the other way while many lost their lives due to incompetence and corruption. To blatantly disregard the harm some experienced because you yourself didn’t sustain injury is a level of selfishness that I never expected to see so widespread across humanity."

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