A holocaust survivor Vera ...

Has made a five part series about the parallel you mentioned...

Did I read about that in a Celia Farber substack yesterday?

Regards and blessings.

Tis a Harmacide....

We are all vixtims

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I want to read this this. I do not follow Celia, I will look for it now. I am grateful for all of the wonderful things you have been posting recently!! This story from Utah was a good one.

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Bless your heart.

Thank you Jessica

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The "Virus" is / was/ & will be another PREamble to the VaXXX, the actual Bio-Weapon that has of Yet not acheived it's Goals according to the SS Pfizer Panzer General ......


Moar Results will be unveiled at Morgues & Funeral Parlors to occupy our thoughts & prayers.

However this is only One of the NWO Eggs in it's Basket of Travails for the Livestock Humans. The Glorious Gorious Spring Offensive of NATO-USSA-UN-NWO to overthrow the Tsar in Russia is being "staged" presently. Overthrow the Tsar Again??? Well, not quite exactly the same as 100 years ago, but hauntingly similar tto those that Know history Rhymes.


Communism was a World-Wide Revolution, Remember??? Nope, that was 34 years ago that Russia ditched the Communists, and the FDR democRats Again, openly became Bolsheviks.

You may study these and more links at genearly.substack.com or continue down the road to oblivion. "Free Will?" and "Too Little, Too Late" spinning through Time. I post future history, from others.

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